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Learning Futures Group Launches New Workplace Learning Podcast

** With ‘Learning Is The New Working,’ the key problems of the Workplace Learning world will be explored in depth every 2 weeks **

SEATTLE, WA, April 2nd, 2019 - The Learning Futures Group, the new Workplace Learning consultancy set up by former Microsoft Chief Learning Officer (CLO) Chris Pirie, is opening a dynamic new communication channel with its global L&D (Learning & Development) community: a move into audio.

That’s in the shape of ‘Learning Is the New Working’ - a new bi-monthly 45-minute podcast to be available on all the major podcast hubs, from iTunes to Spotify, from this week.

The first season of the show includes interviews with some of the most high-profile movers and shakers in the sector, including:

• Wall St Journal best-selling author Lisa Kay Solomon
• Respected CLO sector analyst and commentator Dani Johnson, of RedThread Research
• Bootcamp industry disruptor Ludo Fourrage, founder and leader at Nucamp
• Ed tech business leader Sam Herring of Intrepid by VitalSource.

Future guests include data and neuroscientists, NGO training and L&D pioneers, sociologists and CLO practitioners themselves, promises Pirie, a 30-year veteran of driving change management and corporate learning programs.

“The workplace Is facing massive disruption transformation, thanks in large part to new technologies like The Rise of the Robots and 4th Industrial Revolution,” comments the Seattle based entrepreneur.

“The ability to learn and create learning environments will be an essential survival skill - but there is a problem; while skills readiness and talent issues are top of mind for CEOs, they have little faith the $50 billion they spend annually on Workplace Learning is really that effective in the face of the challenge.

“So in ‘Learning Is The New Working,’ we want to meet and learn from the people who are working to change the Future of Workplace Learning.

“Please check out the first episodes of the podcast on iTunes, Spotify, GooglePlay, SoundCloud, or at the Learning Futures Group website www.learningfuturesgroup.com and if you like what you hear, we’d love you to subscribe and join the debate.”

Sponsoring the first Season is Intrepid by VitalSource - a Seattle-based provider of corporate, employee, and Sales Enablement expertise for organizations.

Its CEO, Sam Herring, featured on episode three of ‘Learning Is The New Working’’s first interviews, comments that, “The workplace Learning industry is undergoing a profound and exciting transformation thanks to rapid advances in technology and learning innovation. Intrepid by Vital Source is proud to support the work of the Learning Futures Group in driving the conversation about the future of workplace learning.”

For more information, contact Chris Pirie at chris@learningfuturesgroup.com.

About The Learning Futures Group
Founded in 2018, The Learning Futures Group is a network of passionate workplace training and learning technology experts set to apply hard-won knowledge at environments including Microsoft and Oracle to your L&D crisis - which we can solve together.

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