Since 1993

What we Believe

Today, leaders care more about learning and skills at every level than ever in history - in every segment, industry and every geography. Building skills for the future used to be the work of teachers, with some later add-ons provided by corporate training departments; now that picture’s flipped - Gen Y expects you to be their University. And as we are all now in the shadow of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the old style of 19th Century industrial and business training is just dead (though it may not know it yet). That’s why we’ve set up The Learning Futures Group - a network of passionate workplace training and learning technology experts who are going to apply hard-won knowledge at places like Microsoft and Oracle to your L&D crisis - which we are going to solve together.


Since 1993

What We Do

Strategy & Advisory

We help Chief Learning Officers (CLOs), learning leaders in commercial, government and NGO organizations build world-class learning programs and effective learning cultures. We also help learning service providers and learning technology companies connect with the global CLO community.

Program Design

Collaboration is key. Working with a wide range of skilled partners, we’re your first call for building best-in-class in-house learning programs. Work with us to build custom events, programs, and gatherings that move your workplace learning practice into this century.

Keynotes and Workshops

We focus on dynamic, engaging and interactive storytelling to challenge and provoke CLOs and Talent Leaders to think about the future. We extend this for you if needed with a structured at-conference follow-up interactive workshop to deepen help practitioners plan their digital transformation and create learning and value.

Since 1993

What We Think (And Care) About

The Future of Workplace Learning

1970s style corporate training using 1990s flipchart technology based on 19th century pedagogical approaches just won’t cut it any more. It’s not LMS or e-learning now, it’s survival: skills shortages, Gen Y culture, globalization… and your CFO sees you as a cost center, not a value-producer. It’s time for us all to step up, and to write a new movie around corporate learning.

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The Future of Sales Enablement

Sales training is a mom and pop market, full of bluster and too many characters out of ‘The Office.’ 21st century sales has to be digital, sure, but that’s only half the story; the second half, and the one that matters, is about creating a learning culture that helps your sales function build genuine customer trust and creates a competitive advantage over the long-term.

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The Capacity of Learning for Good

The humanitarian journey is a learning journey. We have learned so much from the work of organizations that do some of the worlds hardest and most valuable work. We help leaders in NGOs, foundations, and governments deal with strategies to build local sustainable capacity at scale, and help those who do good work, do it even better.

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