The Future Of Workplace Learning

Who Needs This: Leaders and learning leaders in corporations, government and non-profits

Why: A Learning culture is the essential organizational survival skill for the future, but what does that look like in practice - at your environment?

What We’re Doing About It: Help you create a learning culture that differentiates your organization/team; identify critical learning and skills gaps; war-game how to address them; foster new engagement and content completion strategies; harness the right learning tech to help.

The Future Of Sales Enablement

Who Needs This: Sales & BusDev Managers; Finance Teams; CFOs; CLOs

Why: Existing paradigms about what Sales is and looks like are crumbling, changed in the software business by cloud and everyplace else by digitization, AI and process automation. Building customer trust is more critical than ever.

What We’re Doing About It: We believe that a learning transaction is more powerful than a sales transaction in building long term trust and customer value. We can help you understand why Challenger Selling has had its day; unlock the secret superpower of your sellers' curiosity and a learner mindset; curate formidable sales organizations all about seeking to actively learn about their customers and teach them about their products and services in collaboration.

Learning for Good

Who Needs This: The NGO Policy Decision Maker and talent leader.

Why: You are a global organization with the physical resources of a small business. Your have huge headcount with paltry training budget. You need to build local capacity and expertise in the field now with information you've learned they need this morning.

What We’re Doing About It: Use social enterprise, and modern learning technology and approaches to empower you with the most appropriate workplace learning/learning tech/fit-for-purpose communication and collaboration tools (think more WhatsApp, less WebEx). Make your budget work smart for you as you create an internal learning culture easily as good as a Fortune 100 equivalent - and so use learning to really make a difference where it matters.

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